The Phyzhon PHYRARI FFR-WIRE™ Guidewire

The PHYRARI FFR-WIRE  is a combination device for use in interventional coronary procedures that has all the characteristics and benefits of a coronary guidewire with embedded fibre optic sensors that provide critical pressure measurements.

This novel combination allows the interventional cardiologist to use it for both diagnostic
purposes and delivery of stents during procedures to manage coronary artery blockages.

Simplifying the coronary angiogram procedure

In a typical angiogram procedure, a technology called Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is often used to measure blood pressure differences either side of a coronary artery stenosis to determine the amount of blood flow to the heart muscle. 

This information guides the stent selection, or whether stenting is required at all. Currently, this is achieved via multiple insertions of cannulas, catheters, and guide wires. 

The PHYRARI FFR-WIRE combines both FFR, through fibre optic technology, and the ability to deliver a stent, allowing the cardiologist to use it for both diagnostic purposes and delivery of therapy including stents, improving the overall efficiency of the procedure and providing beneficial outcomes to the patient. 

Clinical benefits to patients and cardiologists

Hydrix Medical has acquired exclusive rights to distribute the PHYRARI FFR-WIRE product in Australia and New Zealand.

The PHYRARI FFR-WIRE will shortly be submitted for US FDA 510(K) & European CE mark approval which is anticipated to be granted in mid 2021. Hydrix hopes to commence commercial distribution in mid-to-late 2021.

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